Sming (Esp8266)

This Component builds a library containing architecture-specific code, and defines dependencies for Sming to build for the Esp8266.

SDK 3.0+

Default: OFF. In order to use SDK 3.0.0 or newer please follow the instructions here Esp8266 Core Component.

No-WiFi build


If a project does not require WiFi (or networking) bulding with this option enabled reduces code size and memory usage signficantly. It does this using an un-official Esp8266 No WiFi Component.

Custom LWIP

LWIP (LightWeight IP) is a small independent implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite used widely in embedded systems. Sming supports several versions of this, controlled by the ENABLE_CUSTOM_LWIP setting.

Use binary Esp8266 LWIP (Espressif) stack.
1 (default)
Use custom compiled Esp8266 Open LWIP (version 1) stack. Compared with the Espressif stack, this uses less RAM but consumes FLASH (program) memory. All espconn_* functions are turned off by default, so if you require these add the ENABLE_ESPCONN =1 directive. The Basic Smart Config example sets this in its file.
Use Esp8266 LWIP Version 2 stack. This does not have support for espconn_* functions.

By default, some debug information will be printed for critical errors and situations. Set this to 1 to enable printing of all debug information.

Interactive debugging on the device


In order to be able to debug live directly on the ESP8266 microcontroller you should re-compile your application with ENABLE_GDB=1 directive.

undefined (default)
Compile normally
Compile with debugging support provided by Esp8266 GDBSTUB for Sming. See also the Live Debug sample.


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