About Sming


This is the documentation for the API of Sming, a C++ framework for development on the ESP8266 microcontroller platform.

The ESP8266 is a microcontroller with Wi-Fi, manufactured by Espressif Systems.

The microcontroller is used in modules from various manufacturers, each of which present a subset of the interface pins. For example, the ESP-01 only provides 2 digital GPIO whereas the ESP-12 provides 9 digital GPIO plus ADC analogue input.

Sming provides a C++ framework that facilitates the creation of application code for the ESP8266. The core framework provides access to the ESP8266 functions such as GPIO, timers, WiFi configuration, etc. A set of libraries extend this functionality such as switch debounce, SD Card interface, etc.


Sming Core


Espressif SDK

ESPRSSIF MIT License (with some closed-source blobs)


See each library for details of its own open source license