Sming Esp32 Architecture

Support building Sming for the Esp32 architecture.

Build variables


This contains the base directory for the ESP-IDF toolchain used to build the framework. This variable is required and must be set accordingly.


In order to be able to compile for the ESP32 architecture you should have ESP-IDF v4.1 installed. The Sming installers can do this for you - see Getting Started.

You can find further details in the ESP-IDF documentation.


Make sure that the IDF_PATH is set. Also make sure that the other ESP-IDF environmental variables are set.

In Linux this can be done using the following command:

source $SMING_HOME/Tools/

Build the framework and application as usual, specifying SMING_ARCH =Esp32. For example:

cd $SMING_HOME/../samples/Basic_Serial
make SMING_ARCH=Esp32

This builds the application. Once built the application needs to be flashed on a real Esp32 microcontroller to run. Flashing can be done using the following command:

make flash


Sming comes with pre-compiled libraries and configuration files. If needed you can re-configure ESP-IDF using the command below:

make SMING_ARCH=Esp32 sdk-menuconfig

A re-compilation is required after the change of the configuration. This can be done with the following command:

make SMING_ARCH=Esp32 sdk-build

If you want to revert to using the default pre-compiled SDK then issue the following command:

make SMING_ARCH=Esp32 sdk-default


If you have an ESP32-S2 device you’ll need to change ESP_VARIANT:

make ESP_VARIANT=esp32s2

See Esp32 Core Component for further details.