Over-The-Air(OTA) Upgrader


This architecture-agnostic component adds support for Over-The-Air upgrades.


  1. Add COMPONENT_DEPENDS += Ota to your application componenent.mk file.

  2. Add these lines to your application:

    #include <Ota/Manager.h>

After that you will have access to a global OtaManager instance that can be used to manage your OTA upgrade process.

  1. You can use OtaManager to get information about the bootable partitions and update them. The code below will display the current bootable and running partition:

    void init()
        // ...
        auto partition = OtaManager.getRunningPartition();
        Serial.printf("\r\nCurrently running %s @ 0x%08x.\r\n", partition.name().c_str(), partition.address());
  2. If needed you can also create your own instance of the of OtaUpgrader as shown below:

    // Call when IP address has been obtained
    void onIp(IpAddress ip, IpAddress mask, IpAddress gateway)
       // ...
       OtaUpgrader ota;
       auto part = ota.getNextBootPartition();
       // ... write all the data to the partition
       // ...

See the Upgrade sample application.

API Documentation


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