Sming Documentation

This directory contains the build system for Sming’s documentation. It is intended to be read online via Read The Docs.

The source directory contains some top-level files however most of the information is obtained from the various README files associated with the source code.



Should already be available as part of Sming build system

doxygen & graphviz

For Linux:

sudo apt install doxygen graphviz-dev

For Windows, see:

GraphViz is used by Doxygen (and Sphinx) to render graphs from .dot files.

Python 3 + Sphinx

For Linux:

sudo apt install python3-sphinx python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-cairocffi

For Windows, see Sphinx Installation Guide.


Install other required packages:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Build the documentation like this:

make html

This will:

  • Pull in and patch every submodule

  • Generate doxygen API information

  • Build documentation in HTML format

If you make changes to any source documentation files these will be picked up automatically when make html is next run.

If you make any changes to source code comments, you’ll need to re-build the doxygen information first:

make api -B
make html