Deprecated List
Member commandFunctionDelegate
Use CommandFunctionDelegate instead
Member DateTime::convertFromUnixTime (time_t timep, int8_t *psec, int8_t *pmin, int8_t *phour, int8_t *pday, int8_t *pwday, int8_t *pmonth, int16_t *pyear)
Use fromUnixTime(time_t, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint16_t*) instead
Member DateTime::convertToUnixTime (uint8_t sec, uint8_t min, uint8_t hour, uint8_t day, uint8_t month, uint16_t year)
Use 'toUnixTime()' instead
Member DateTime::fromUnixTime (time_t timep, int8_t *psec, int8_t *pmin, int8_t *phour, int8_t *pday, int8_t *pwday, int8_t *pmonth, int16_t *pyear)
Use unsigned version instead fromUnixTime(time_t, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint8_t*, uint16_t*)
Member DateTime::parseHttpDate (const String &httpDate)
Use fromHttpDate() instead
Member DNSServer
Use DnsServer
Member eFO_Append
use File::Append
Member eFO_CreateIfNotExist
use File::Create
Member eFO_CreateNewAlways
use File::CreateNewAlways
Member eFO_ReadOnly
use File::ReadOnly
Member eFO_ReadWrite
use File::ReadWrite
Member eFO_Truncate
use File::Truncate
Member eFO_WriteOnly
use File::WriteOnly
Member eSO_CurrentPos
use SeekOrigin::Current
Member eSO_FileEnd
use SeekOrigin::End
Member eSO_FileStart
use SeekOrigin::Start
Member file_t
see fileList()
Member fileList ()
use Directory object (or fileOpenDir / fileReadDir / fileCloseDir)
Member FileStream::attach (const String &fileName, FileOpenFlags openFlags=File::ReadOnly)
Use open() instead
Member FSTR_TABLE (name)
Use a Vector or Map
Member FTPServer
Use FtpServer instead
Member FtpServer::checkUser (const String &login, const String &pass)
Use validateUser() instead
Member Hardware_Timer
Use HardwareTimer class instead
Member HardwareSerial::setCallback (StreamDataReceivedDelegate dataReceivedDelegate)
Use onDataReceived instead
Member HttpClient::request (const String &url)
Use createRequest() instead
Member HttpConnection::getLastModifiedDate () const
Use getResponse()->headers.getLastModifiedDate() instead
Member HttpConnection::getResponseCode () const
Use getResponse()->code instead
Member HttpConnection::getResponseHeader (const String &headerName, const String &defaultValue=nullptr) const
Use getResponse()->headers[] instead
Member HttpConnection::getResponseHeaders ()
Use getResponse()->headers instead
Member HttpConnection::getResponseString ()
Use getResponse()->getBody() instead
Member HttpConnection::getServerDate () const
Use getResponse()->headers.getServerDate() instead
Member httpGetErrorName (HttpError err)
Use toString(HttpError)
Member HttpPartProducerDelegate
Use MultipartStream::Producer instead
Member HttpPartResult
Use MultipartStream::BodyPart instead
Member HttpRequest::getPath ()
Use uri.Path instead
Member HttpRequest::operator= (const HttpRequest &rhs)
Please use clone() instead
Member HttpRequest::setPostParameters (const HttpParams &params)
Set postParams directly, i.e. request.postParams = params
Member HttpResponse::forbidden ()
Use response.code = HTTP_STATUS_FORBIDDEN instead
Member HttpResponse::hasHeader (const String &name)
Use headers.contains() instead
Member HttpResponse::notFound ()
Use response.code = HTTP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND instead
Member HttpResponse::redirect (const String &location)
Use headers[HTTP_HEADER_LOCATION] instead
Member HttpResponse::sendTemplate (IDataSourceStream *newTemplateInstance)
Use sendNamedStream() instead
Member HttpResponse::toString (const HttpResponse &res)
use toString() method or toString(HttpResponse) function
Member HttpServer::addPath (String path, const HttpPathDelegate &callback)
Use paths.set() instead
Member HttpServer::addPath (const String &path, const HttpResourceDelegate &onRequestComplete)
Use paths.set() instead
Member HttpServer::addPath (const String &path, HttpResource *resource)
Use paths.set() instead
Member HttpServer::setDefaultHandler (const HttpPathDelegate &callback)
Use paths.setDefault() instead
Member HttpServer::setDefaultResource (HttpResource *resource)
Use paths.setDefault() instead
Member IDataSourceStream::length ()
Use available() instead
Member IPAddress
Use IpAddress instead.
Member MqttClient::publishWithQoS (const String &topic, const String &message, int QoS, bool retained=false, MqttMessageDeliveredCallback onDelivery=nullptr)
: Use publish(const String& topic, const String& message, uint8_t flags = 0) instead. If you want to have a callback that should be triggered on successful delivery of messages then use setEventHandler(MQTT_TYPE_PUBACK, youCallback) instead.
Member MqttClient::setCallback (MqttStringSubscriptionCallback subscriptionCallback=nullptr)
: Use setEventHandler(MQTT_TYPE_PUBLISH, MqttDelegate handler) instead.
Member MqttClient::setWill (const String &topic, const String &message, int QoS, bool retained=false)
: Use setWill(const String& topic, const String& message,uint8_t flags) instead
Member MqttMessageDeliveredCallback
Use MqttDelegate instead
Member MqttStringSubscriptionCallback
Use MqttDelegate instead
Member OtaUpgrade::BasicStream::errorToString (Error code)
Use toString() global function
Member SeekOriginFlags
Use SeekOrigin instead
Member SslCertificate
Use Ssl::Certificate instead
Member SslKeyCertPair
Use Ssl::KeyCertPair instead
Member SSLKeyCertPair
Use Ssl::KeyCertPair instead
Member SSLSessionId
Use Ssl::SessionId instead
Member SslSessionId
Use Ssl::SessionId instead
Member SslValidatorCallback
Use Ssl::ValidatorCallback instead
Member StreamTransformer::StreamTransformer (IDataSourceStream *stream, const StreamTransformerCallback &callback, size_t resultSize=256, size_t blockSize=64)
Create inherited class, override transform() method and use alternative constructor instead
Member StreamTransformer::transformCallback
Create inherited class and override transform() method instead
Member TemplateVariables
Use TemplateStream::Variables instead
Member TimerDelegateStdFunction
Use TimerDelegate
Member URL
Use Url instead
Member WebsocketClient::disconnect ()
Use close() instead