Linux Installation

Quick Install

Debian (Ubuntu) and Fedora systems can use the scripted installer.

  1. Prepare installation directory

    Let’s use /opt as the main directory for tools and Sming.

    Regular users may not have access to /opt, so do this:

    sudo chown $USER:$USER /opt

    (alternatively, use a different directory).

  2. Install GIT


    sudo apt-get install -y git


    dnf install -y git
  3. Fetch the Sming repository

    git clone /opt/sming
  4. Run the installer

    source /opt/sming/Tools/ all

If you want to save disk space then you can select which tools to install. Get a list of available options like this:


Install locations can be customised by setting environment variables before running the install. See /opt/sming/Tools/ for details.

If you want to use the stable (release) branch:

cd /opt/sming
git checkout master
git pull

Next steps

Proceed to Configuring your device.