Basic Web Skeleton


Basic application that can be used as a start point for some useful App.


  • can setup wifi ssid and wifi password for STA (wifi client) mode either from own AP or as connected to some wifi network
  • demonstrate new way of catching wif-events with WifiEvents class
  • if preconfigured wifi network is unreachable start AP named TyTherm with hardcoded password (see source)
  • can enable/disable STA (wifi client) mode
  • own AP autodisable after successful connection to preconfigured wifi network
  • form population and sending is done with json+ajax
  • demonstrate usage of getting raw http request body to be processed as json
  • demonstrate how to fill html template on client side with more flexible than Smings Templating - JavaScript

App called TyTherm because it is base for TinY TermOmeter :)


This sample also demonstrates how to use FlashString maps as an alternative to using SPIFFS for serving files.

To test this out, build the application without a filesystem image:


See webserver.cpp for the details.