Welcome to Sming Framework

Let’s do smart things!!!

Sming is an asynchronous C/C++ framework with superb performance and multiple network features. Sming is open source and is tailored towards embedded devices. It supports multiple architectures as ESP8266 for example.



  • Superb performance and memory usage (Sming compiles to native firmware!)
  • Fast and user friendly development
  • Simple yet powerful hardware API wrappers
  • Compatible with standard Libraries - use any popular hardware in few lines of code
  • Built-in file system: SPIFFS for Sming
  • Built-in powerful wireless modules
  • Powerful asynchronous (async) network stack.
  • Async TCP and UDP stack based on LWIP.
  • With clients supporting: HTTP, MQTT, WebSockets and SMTP.
  • And servers for: DNS, FTP, HTTP(+ WebSockets), Telnet.
  • With SSL support for all network clients and servers. Based on axTLS and BearSSL.
  • Out of the box support for OTA over HTTPS.
  • ESP8266 specific features
  • Linux/Windows features
  • Sming has a host emulator that allows libraries and sample applications to be compiled on a Linux/Windows host system and be tested before uploading them to an actual microcontroller.

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