ESP Quick Toolchain


This is pre-release documentation and subject to change.


In Sming 4.0.1 support was added for the ESP Quick Toolchain for GCC 9.2.0.

This also updates the runtime libraries (NewLib) to version 2.2 with integrated PROGMEM handling code.

See Pull Request #1825 for further details.

The new toolchain is consistent across development platforms and adds support for the latest compiler features, as discussed in What are the new features in C++17?.


The toolchains are currently at pre-release, available here. Download links for the 3.0.0-gnu5 release (8 December 2019) as follows:

Extract the toolchain to a suitable location, such as:

  • /opt/esp-quick-toolchain
  • C:\tools\esp-quick-toolchain

and set ESP_HOME accordingly.