SPIFFS for Sming

This Component provides SPIFFS filesystem support for all architectures.

A single SPIFFS partition is defined using HWCONFIG =spiffs, which supports these build variables:


[deprecated and removed]

This value is no longer supported. Please remove it from your project’s component.mk file.


[deprecated and removed]

Size (in bytes) of the SPIFFS area in Flash memory. To change this, edit the Hardware configuration.


default: files

The SPIFFS image is built using files from this directory, which must exist or the build will fail.

If you set this to an empty value, then an empty filesystem will be created.


Filename to use for the generated SPIFFS filesystem image. The default is spiff_rom.


[read-only] Shows the full path to the generated image file.

For more control over the SPIFFS partition you can create your own partition definition in a custom Hardware configuration.


Default: 7

Number of file descriptors allocated. This sets the maximum number of files which may be opened at once.


Default: 16

Maximum size of metadata which SPIFFS stores in each file index header (after the filename). If this value is changed, existing SPIFFS images will not be readable.

The default value given here is provided to support Installable File System extended file attribute information.


Used by

Environment Variables