Simulator: Wokwi

  • At the moment Sming and Wokwi have experimenta support for the Esp32 architecture.

  • Only VS Code IDE is supported

  • The Esp32 simulator lacks certain features and may encounter failures; hence, it is recommended for use with simple applications.

Wokwi Support into VS Code

To integrate Wokwi support into your VS Code, run the following command from your application’s root directory:

make ide-vscode ENABLE_WOKWI=1 SMING_ARCH=Esp32

Merge all partitions to a single flash file

From the root directory of your application, run the following command to consolidate all partitions for the simulator and flash them into a single file:

make mergeflash SMING_ARCH=Esp32



Running the Basic_Blink sample in the simulator enables you to debug it directly in VS Code. Set a breakpoint in the init function in the Basic_Blink app/application.cpp file. Press F1 and select “Start Simulator and Wait for Debugger.” In the Launch configurations, choose “Wokwi GDB” and click the play button. This initiates a new debugging session, allowing you to debug the code running in the simulator.


Diagram Editor

The diagram.json file, which includes elements and their connections, can be edited on the Wokwi official website. You can add new elements such as extra LEDs or servos. Ensure to copy the modified contents of the diagram.json from the website to your local environment.