Build variables


Set to 1 to enable WiFi Protected Setup (WPS).

WPS is not enabled by default to preserve resources, and because there may be security implications which you should consider carefully.


Set to 1 to enable WiFi Smart Configuration API.

SmartConfig requires extra libraries and ENABLE_ESPCONN.

See Basic Smart Config sample application.

If you want to provide a default SSID and Password for connection to your default Access Point, you can do this:

make WIFI_SSID=MyAccessPoint WIFI_PWD=secret

These are provided as #defined symbols for your application to use. See Basic WiFi for a simple example, or MeteoControl for a more flexible solution using configuration files.


SSID identifying default Access Point to connect to. By default, this is undefined.


Password for the WIFI_SSID Access Point, if required. If the AP is open then leave this undefined.

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