Using with CLion


This information is no longer current.

However, if you are able to set up an external make project with CLion that should work.

To get intelliense (or whatever the equivalent for CLion is) will require setting up a list of the correct #include paths. For vscode we have a tool to handle that:

  • run make ide-vscode from a sample project directory

  • examine generated path list in .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json

Something similar could be done for CLion perhaps?

Developing with the Sming framework can also be done in CLion.

  1. Copy and paste Makefiles into the project

  2. Create app folder and add application.cpp there

  3. Edit CMakeLists.txt

## Edit CMakeLists.txt


set(SOURCE_FILES app/application.cpp)
add_executable(Pathfinder ${SOURCE_FILES})

Build the project using terminal

make && make flash