Random Restarts

First try setting the baud rate to 74880. Example for Linux:

python -m serial.tools.miniterm /dev/ttyUSB0 74880

The random symbols should become readable messages.

If you see repeating messages containing rf_cal[0] !=0x05 then most probably you should initialize the flash memory on your ESP8266 device.

To achieve this do the following:

  1. Check the Hardware configuration especially flash_size setting.


If you’re not sure what size the flash memory is on your device, run make flashid to check.

  1. Run flashinit:

    cd $SMING_HOME/../samples/Basic_Blink
    make flashinit

    This resets the flash memory to a default state, erasing any existing application, configuration or data stored there.

  2. Re-program your device:

    make flash
  3. Verify flash data has been written successfully

    make verifyflash