From v4.6 to v4.7

Storage Partition methods

The Storage::Partition::getDevice() method has been removed because it could be used to bypass protections offered by the partitioning API.

Storage Device Partitions

The CustomDevice class has been removed as it is simpler and more flexible to instead use PartitionTable methods.

The Storage::Device::partitions() method returns a read-only (const) Storage::PartitionTable object for general use to avoid inadvertent modification.

Use the Storage::Device::editablePartitions() method to make partition table changes.

For example:

part = device->createPartition("archive", Storage::Partition::SubType::Data::fwfs, startOffset, size);


part = device->editablePartitions().add("archive", Storage::Partition::SubType::Data::fwfs, startOffset, size);

Custom Partition Types

Creating custom partition types now require use of Storage::Partition::FullType.

For example:

part = device->createPartition("fs_app", Storage::Partition::Type::data, 100, startOffset, size);


part = device->editablePartitions().add("fs_app", {Storage::Partition::Type::data, 100}, startOffset, size);

Note how the type and subtype values are enclosed in braces (instantiating a FullType struct). This avoids confusing the subtype value 100 with the start offset.