OTA Upgrade Stream classes

typedef OtaUpgrade::BasicStream OtaUpgradeStream

Alias for either OtaUpgrade::BasicStream or OtaUpgrade::EncryptedStream, depending on encryption settings.

Application code should use this alias to avoid source code modifications when changing OTA upgrade security settings.

class BasicStream : public ReadWriteStream

A write-only stream to parse and apply firmware unencrypted upgrade files generated by otatool.py.

The class fully automates the firmware upgrade process without any manual configuration. At construction time, the rBoot configuration is read to determine the unused ROM slot which should receive the upgrade. Just feed the upgrade file content into the write() method in arbitrarily sized chunks. The relevant portion(s) of the Flash memory (currently only the application rom) are updated on the fly as data arrives. When the file is complete and signature validation (if enabled) was successful, the updated slot is activated in the rBoot configuration. Call hasError() and/or check the public errorCode member to determine if everything went smoothly.

For further information on configuration options and the file format, refer to the library’s documentation.

See also

EncryptedStream for encryption support.

Subclassed by OtaUpgrade::EncryptedStream

class EncryptedStream : public OtaUpgrade::BasicStream

Encryption wrapper for BasicStream.

The class processes encrypted firmware upgrade files created by otatool.py. A buffer is allocated dynamically to fit the largest chunk of the encryption container (2kB unless otatool.py was modified). The actual processing of the decrypted data is deferred to BasicStream.