Linux Installation

Quick Install

Debian (Ubuntu) and Fedora systems can use the scripted installer.

  1. Prepare installation directory

    Let’s use /opt as the main directory for tools and Sming.

    Regular users may not have access to /opt, so do this:

    sudo chown $USER:$USER /opt

    (alternatively, use a different directory).

  2. Install GIT


    sudo apt-get install -y git


    dnf install -y git
  3. Fetch the Sming repository

    git clone /opt/sming
  4. Run the installer

    source /opt/sming/Tools/ all

If you want to save disk space then you can select which tools to install. Get a list of available options like this:


Install locations can be customised by setting environment variables before running the install. Certain variables should also be set globally. See Configuration for details.

If you want to use the stable (release) branch:

cd /opt/sming
git checkout master
git pull

Next steps

Proceed to Configuration.