Windows Installation

This page describes how to install the required tools and obtain the current release version of Sming using the Chocolatey package manager.

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Quick Install

Open an administrative cmd.exe command prompt and paste the text from the box below and press enter:

curl -LO && choco-install.cmd

At the moment the Esp32 toolchain is not installed by default. If you want to install it run the following command:

choco install -y sming.esp32


After installation, please close the administrative command prompt and open a new, regular command shell.

This ensures that environment variables are set correctly.

It is also inadvisable to continue running with elevated privileges.

If you followed and executed carefully the steps above Sming should be installed and configured. You can scroll down to Build Basic_Blink to check the installation.

Optional step: Switch to stable version

The installer uses the latest develop branch. This one contains great new features and bugfixes but can be unstable at times.

Switching to our stable release will guarantee you that Sming’s code will not change so often. On the downside you will have to wait for all new shiny features and bugfixes.

If you really want to use the latest stable release you can type the command below:

git checkout master
git pull

Optional step: Re-installation

In case something is broken, this will perform a forced re-install of all packages:

rmdir /s /q c:\tools\sming
choco install sming -y -f -x


You can find the installer sources at Packages are as follows:


GIT CLI client.

Please configure after installation to leave line-endings intact or else patching will fail:

git config --global core.autocrlf input

Python version 3.



Required to build some Components, also for Host mode.


MinGW 32-bit.

The installer updates the system PATH but please check by running:

where make.exe

The output should show only one result:


ESP Quick Toolchain.

Sets a system-wide ESP_HOME variable.


Sming-compatible version of ESP-IDF and tools.


Latest stable version of Sming.

Sets a system-wide SMING_HOME environment variable.

Note that setting SMING_HOME and ESP_HOME as system-wide variables means they do not need to be set every time a command prompt is opened, and will be seen by eclipse without any further configuration.

Next steps

Proceed to Configuration.